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Focus Area Committees


The Commission established topic-specific committees to concentrate investigation on four focus areas: (1) the potential impacts of offshore wind development on New Hampshire’s fisheries and the environment; (2) the state’s infrastructure for the transmission and interconnection of offshore wind energy to the power grid; (3) the state’s readiness to participate in offshore wind supply chain and workforce opportunities; (4) and opportunities for offshore wind related port development. Learn more about each Committee below.


Fisheries and Environment Committee

This Committee will address potential impacts of offshore wind development on coastal and marine ecosystems as well as on commercial and recreational fisheries. The Committee’s work will help inform the full scope of environmental concerns the Commission should consider.

Commission Members: Cheri Patterson (Committee Chair), Ted Diers, Steve Couture (Alt), Ward Byrne, Jim Titone, Rep. Cathryn Harvey

Port and Port Development Committee

The Committee shall focus on available public and private port

resources in New Hampshire with specific focus on the development of state port infrastructure necessary for the offshore wind industry.

Commission Members: Geno Marconi (Committee Chair), Senator Kevin Avard, Mark Sanborn, Jennifer Czysz, Diane Foster


Transmission and Interconnection Committee

This Committee will examine the New Hampshire’s transmission infrastructure, with a specific focus on resources along the coastline of the State, in order to identify potential locations for interconnection and onshoring of electricity generated by offshore wind.

Commission Members: Rep. Michael Harrington (Committee Chair), Vandan Divatia, Dianne Martin, Donald Kreis, Kelly Buchanan, Rep. Doug Thomas

Supply Chain and Workforce Committee

This Committee will evaluate opportunities for New Hampshire’s businesses and workforce to participate in the offshore wind development supply chain. Special attention will be given to the resources needed for the deployment of an offshore wind trained workforce.

Commission Members: Sean Clancy (Committee Chair), Tony Giunta, Joe Casey, Rep. Jose Cambrils, Tim Roache, Glenn Brackett, Rep. Jane Beaulieu

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